Think about this

Every time you turn on your smartphone, open your tablet or access your computer you are essentially making a choice.  The truth is you have ALL the good and bad in the world around you at your finger tips. 

Have you stopped to consider what affect it might be having on you and your relationships?  We at The Novus Project are not saying media is evil or that you need to throw your smartphone in your neighbor's pool.  What we are trying to do is partner with you so you can understand all the facts.  Then you can do the right thing.  

The bottom line is that YOUR LIFE MATTERS and you need to know the truth.  

The Truth

Have you ever thought about how much you're on your phone, tablet, computer or media in general?  I mean seriously think about it?

Some really smart researchers and doctors are finding out the it's actually messing with your brain development, changing the way you relate to others and causing people your age to have more depression, stress and anxiety.

It's also putting you at risk for exposure to explicit material and pornography.  If you're struggling with this... 

You're not alone! 

87% of young men and 31% young women are struggling with the issue of pornography in their lives.* Porn harms your brain, your relationships and your world.  

Many of you wouldn't consider yourselves as being a drug addict, but pornography engages your brain similarly to someone who is taking drugs. With this repeated behavior, your brain is being changed with every click you make. When a person is hooked on porn, it's difficult to stop by yourself.

*Carroll, Jason S., et al. “Generation XXX: Pornography Acceptance and Use Among Emerging Adults. Journal of Adolescent Research

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