The reality

The Novus Project is a community dedicated to preventing the relationally damaging effects of media misuse and explicit material by engaging students, families and schools through awareness, tools, and support.

By reaching the public school and collegiate systems with The Novus Project Program and resources in development, we can expose the truth about the consequences of media misuse and explicit material upon an individual's brain and the damaging effects it produces in relationships, personal health and society at large. 

The bottom line is that many students are struggling with this issue and feel as if they have nowhere to go for help.  

What if we could help a generation of young people before we need to rescue them?

what people are saying

"The Novus Project speakers were very informative! So much so that I wish they could speak to parents at each of our schools!" 

High School Counselor-Ventura Unified School District. 

"The Novus Project Presentation was not only illuminating but very helpful!" 

VCSCA Board Member

"The Novus Project Presentation is an amazing way to inform parents about digital citizenship for their children." 

Elementary School Counselor-Ventura Unified School District

"I am so thankful for the information I received from The Novus Project speakers. It helped me get the language I needed to talk to my kids about media usage." 

Parent-Conejo Unified School District

"Thank you Novus Project for helping me see just how much media exposure my students are living with on a daily basis."

Middle School Teacher-L.A. Unified

"The Novus Project helped me see that I need to watch how much time I'm social media and what is ok and not ok to post." 

Middle School Student-Coronado Unified School District

"As a parent I was shocked to learn about all the ways kids hide information on their smartphones. As a family, we are excited to use some of the tips The Novus Project gave us in their presentation."

Parent-San Diego Unified School District

"When our school did ONE DAY AWAY, I thought I would die without my phone for a day, but it was actually really fun to be outside with my friends and family."

Student-Living Oaks Middle School, Newbury Park

Consider this About Social Media...