JAMES CRAFT // Co-Founder & Director

Author, speaker, executive coach, business entrepreneur and co-founder of The Novus Project.  James worked as the former National Next Generation Director of Foursquare International, taught high school history, leadership and PE as well as coaches track and field. With over 25 years of training and working with organizations, teens, and college students, James has a unique perspective of the challenges this age group faces.  Through real life experience, he now dedicates his time and energy to helping others understand the damaging effects media misuse and pornography can have upon an individual's brain and all subsequent relationships. James has his Masters Degree in Executive Leadership with an emphasis in Conflict Resolution and is a Professional Certified Executive and Recovery Coach. He and His wife Teri are featured in the Conquer Series. 

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TERI CRAFT // Co-Founder & Director

Author, blogger, counselor, speaker and co-founder of The Novus Project.  Formerly an elementary school teacher, Teri has experienced first hand the realities facing students on a daily basis.  It is her deepest desire to bring her life experience regarding the dangers of pornography and media misuse as a conduit of awareness and hope to the next generation and their families. Teri is a member of the Townsend Institute of Leadership and Counseling. She and James are featured in the Conquer Series. 

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Consultant, strategist, capability builder, and founding board member of The Novus Project. John brings fourteen years of experience in management consulting, sales and marketing strategy, commercial business analysis and optimization, project management, and global organizational transformation working in and with Fortune 500 corporations and non-profit organizations.


Seasoned marketer, producer, creative director and founding board member of The Novus Project. Julie honed her skills working at some of the worlds most recognized brands and through her own marketing agency. From sneakers to headphones, The Grammys to the Olympics, Julie has developed programs and communication to reach youth culture with energy and relevance.

Rachel craft // Research & Media

Rachel is a Division-1 Scholar Athlete at San Diego State University. She is currently in her undergraduate work in Psychology. She has a passion for the next generation and seeing students reach their full potential.