Join The NOVUS PROJECT as they travel to Northern California and teach the realities of media and explicit material to teens and young adults. Remember, media isn't bad, it's how we use media that defines us!!



There is a silent epidemic that is changing the face of our future. For children, teens and young adults the reality of media interwoven into everyday life is their first language-but what happens when it all goes wrong?  

For the majority of our nation's youth, they will not reach 11 years old before being exposed to explicit hardcore and often violent imagery while on the internet-something many of them carry in their back pocket. With the average American teenager spending 9 hours a day on various forms of media this exposure is often a daily occurrence.  

What does this exposure really do to them?

  • Media is the first language of the next generation, interwoven into every aspect of their life.
  • Children and teens spend more time on various forms of media than anything else.
  • Media misuse is the gateway to exposure of explicit material and potential victimization.
  • Exposure to explicit material can affect a person's brain similar to drugs, it can damage a person's relationships, and their view of human life, and contributes to world-wide human exploitation.

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The Novus Project

Novus in latin means new. For the overwhelming number of young people who are currently struggling with media misuse and pornography on a daily basis, what they really need is something new.  New insights into what is going on in their brain, new tools to help them function with the stresses of their everyday existence, new vision for their future and a new outlook on life as it hits them in real time.